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Lumangan Beach Nusa Penida
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Jul 2023

Lumangan Beach Nusa Penida

Lumangan Beach Nusa Penida is one of the beaches located in, penangkidan hamlet, banjar bunga mekar, sakti village, nusa penida sub-district.

If you’ve ever been on a beach trip. To the attractions of Broken Beach, Angel Beach, Chrystal Bay, and Puyung Beach.

Then you should not miss the tourist attraction of Lumangan Beach , which is located in the Sakti Village area.
Of course.

The presence of Lumangan Beach Nusa Penida adds to the row of beautiful beaches in Sakti Village.

For those of you who like adventure, it’s good if you try to visit this Lumangan beach. Because this beach is very worth it for you to visit and find.

Even so, along the way, you see charming natural scenery.

You will find a road with limestone and on the left and right of the road. There are many shrubs and trees.

Besides that, you will see green hills and the blue sea. As you walk along the road to the location of Lumangan Beach.

But don’t worry, all the fatigue and effort you spend to find Lumangan beach. Will pay off with a view of the beach that is still very natural and beautiful.

Yups to reach the shoreline you will need a little effort. Curious as to what the beauty of Lumangan beach is.

So you have to visit this beach even though reaching this beach is not easy.

And to give you information and an idea of how beautiful this Lumangan Beach Nusa Penida beach is, please refer to this article.

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The Attraction Of Lumangan Beach

Lumangan Beach is a hidden gem located in Banjar Bunga Mekar. This beach is classify as a quiet beach.

Because of the lack of tourists who know about this beach. Even though this beach is charming and is not inferior to other beautiful beaches that are famous from Nusa Penida Island.

Lumangan Beach is a white sandy beach. The beach is between the cliffs of limestone coral. So this beach is like a small lagoon.

You will not see the open ocean directly from the shoreline. On this beach, the waves that come will be deflected by coral walls.

And to reach the shoreline, you have to go down the limestone cliffs.

Not an easy trip indeed, but if you know the beauty of the beach it seems that the journey you take is not a difficult thing if you will find a calm and cool beach area.

On the sides of the cliffs, there are typical plants of the sea coast such as sea pandanus that grow lushly.

And the cliffs also have a very beautiful natural ornaments. The length of the coastline from Lumangan Beach is not as wide as other beaches.

This beach has a length of about 50 meters, although it does not reduce the beauty of Lumangan Beach.

Even to enjoy this beach you don’t have to go down to the beach. From the top of the hill, you can still enjoy the beauty of Lumangan Beach.

And the attractions of Lumangan Beach are as follows,

1. Located Between Two Rock Hills

The coast of Lumangan Beach is located between two coral hills that have an elongated shape and then turn, thus forming a gate for the coast.

The waves coming from the sea do not go directly to the coast but turn first following the shape of the cliffs flanking the shoreline, before finally reaching the shoreline,

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So that the waves that come are not too big, even the coast tends to be like a lagoon.

2. Natural Cave

There is a cave under the foot of the hill, the cave is formed naturally with beautiful cave ornaments, the length of the cave is estimated to be 30 meters long.

You can go along the cave when the water is receding. You can enjoy the view of the beach from inside the cave.

3. Wave Tunnel

The waves coming from the high seas that hit the edge of the cliff form a natural tunnel as a path for the waves that come.

So that when the sea water recedes you can explore the tunnel that has been formed naturally due to the blows from the waves that come.

4. It Has Clear Blue And Green Graded Seawater

Lumungan Beach has clear blue sea water and graded green, thus adding to the beauty of the Lumungan coastline. Because the water is so clear, we can see the rocks in the water.

5. A Coast Consisting Of Coral And Sand

Do not think you will only find a coastline that is only white sand. Because the coast of this Lumungan consists of coral and sand.

You will see coral basins that hold incoming seawater, even some large rocks lying in front of the cave lip.

6. Beautiful Marine Wildlife

Being close to Crystal Bay certainly has an impact on the underwater biota of Lumungan Beach.

This can be seen from the many speed boards that lean on it. And bring divers who want to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world around Lumungan Beach.

7. Relaxing Beach Atmosphere

Not many tourists know about this beach.

Moreover, this beach is under two cliffs flanking the beach, and the beach terrain is difficult to reach.

So this beach has a peaceful, calm, beautiful atmosphere.

Of course for those of you who are tired. From the crowds, you can visit this beach as a stress reliever.

8. Enjoy Sunset

For those of you who like twilight. You don’t have to go down to the beach to enjoy the sunset from the coast.

You just have to climb one of the hills that flank the beach.

And see the beauty of the panoramic sunset sky. From the top of the hill with views of the blue sea.

9. Swiming

You can swim on the beach while enjoying the waves of incoming waves and also see the coral hollows filled with seawater.

10. Taking A photo

You can take beautiful photos against the backdrop of the hills and the open sea while on the hill, or you can take some photos while on the beach.

Ticket entry Of Lumangan Beach

This beach does not yet charge an entrance ticket.

Even so, you should continue to maintain and respect the environment and nature around this Lumpian beach.

So that the preservation and beauty of the beach are maintained.

Tips For Visit Lumangan Beach

As is known, Luluman Beach is at the bottom of the hill with very difficult access and there are no adequate facilities. Therefore, the tips that you need to follow are:

  1. Prepare your stamina well, because you will pass through quite challenging terrain to get to the beach.
  2. Bring enough luggage, be it food, drinks, and other needs.
  3. Use the services of a local guide so you don’t get lost in finding the location of this beach. Always maintain safety and environmental sustainability.
  4. See the situation of sea water whether it is high or low tide.
  5. Always check the weather, sea wave height, and wind direction every time you travel to a coastal area.

That’s an overview of Lumangan Beach Nusa Penida, adding to the list of beautiful beaches on Nusa Penida Island.
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See you again in our next articles regarding tourist travel info and interesting tourist spots on the island of Nusa Penida.

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