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Kelingking Beach Tour Package; Broken Beach, Manta Bay Snorkeling
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Jul 2021

Kelingking Beach Tour Package; Broken Beach, Manta Bay Snorkeling

Kelingking Beach Tour Package, Broken Beach, angel bilabong, and Manta Bay Snorkeling are A day Nusa Penida tour packages we made for those of you who want to holiday in Nusa Penida. This tour package is arranged by visiting favorite tourist attractions such as Kelingking beach, Broken Beach and Angel Bilabong. Combined with snorkeling activities in manta bay.

Enjoy an exciting experience along the 6-7 hour tour in Nusa Penida. This Kelingking beach tour package will be accompanied by a friendly and experienced team and private service. We provide the best service at very affordable prices.

This package price is included; fast boat ticket from Sanur to Nusa Penida (return), a comfortable car with air conditioning with a friendly driver. Then entrance tickets to all tourist sites, lunch and snorkeling at Crystal Bay are also included.

The Places of interest and activities in the kelingking beach tour package will do

Before you decide to join our team in the kelingking beach tour package, first take a look at our package details. The following is a brief summary of the attractions that will be visited, including the snorkeling activities that we will do;

1. Kelingking Beach

Pantai Kelingking Surga Yang Tersembunyi Di Nusa Penida

The first tourist attraction we visited was a favorite place in the tourist area of West Nusa Penida, namely Kelingking beach. Nowadays, everyone must have seen the number one beach in Nusa Penida, both on Facebook and Instagram.

Every tourist who wants to tour to Nusa Penida, for the first time, of course, wants to go to Kelingking Beach. The beach with high coral in the shape of a little finger is the reason this place is included in the category of the best tourist attractions according to TripAdvisor. The beauty of the scenery around the little finger beach is really beautiful. Every tourist always documents himself in style on the Kelingking Beach of Nusa Penida.

2. Broken Beach

Paket wisata kelingking beach

Broken Beach which means “Rusak” or if the Balinese say “Uug”. That’s why Broken beach is often called Pasih Uug. Pasih is means beach and uug means broken. The term broken is more inclined to the shape of a coral that is split by sea water.

Broken beach is a beach tourist attraction in the form of a large hole on the beach. where seawater enters through one of the holes on the north side. This large pool can be passed on foot when you want to go around it. But you should be in top shape, because during the day the weather is really hot. Except in the rainy season. You can take photos at this place freely.

3. Angel Billabong Nusa Penida.

Paket Wisata Kelingking Beach; Broken Beach, Angel Bilabong Snorkeling

The third is angel bilabong which is located about 30 minutes from Broken beach. Located in Sompang Village, Bunga Mekar Hamlet, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency – Bali. In Angel Bilabong, there is a natural pool between the overdrafts and the mouth of the river. The pool is mixed with sea water, sea water carried by the waves to make the water clear in the pool.

The coral reefs are mossy with green and yellow colors, adding to the beauty of this pool. Besides the clear water, so you can see the bottom of the pool clearly. Therefore this pool looks beautiful and attractive, luring every visitor to swim.

4. Snorkeling di Manta Bay

Paket Wisata Kelingking Beach; Broken Beach, Angel Bilabong Snorkeling

Manta Bay Nusa Penida is a bay surrounded by steep cliffs. People call this bay as Secret Manta. This bay is not so deep, sometimes mantas can be seen from the surface. If you are snorkeling in Manta Bay, you have to be patient to wait 15-20 minutes to be able to see the manta on the boat.

Besides manta fish here you can see other marine biota such as coral reefs, sharks and many other marine biota. The best places to see manta rays in Penida are Manta Bay and Manta Point. Sometimes they swim around Crystal Bay.

A relatively shallow location where manta rays tend to swim and forage above. due to currents rich in plankton. This is the place where a manta snorkelling trip will take you. This is not just one particular bay but a row of bays where mantas can be seen with a 95% chance according to local guides.

Estimated Schedule of Kelingking Beach Tour Packages

  • 07.30 AM: Check this at the Semabu fast boat counter on Jl. Mataharirise
  • 08.15 AM: Fast boat departure from The Angkal/Angel billabong/Sri Rejeki to Nusa Penida.
  • 08.45 AM: Arriving at Br. Nyuh, our team will welcome you with your name signboard/placard.
  • 08.40 AM: The visit begins with the destination Kelingking Beach.
  • 10.00 am : Visit Broken Beach
  • 12.30 PM: lunch at a local restaurant
  • 13.50 AM: Destination to Angel Bilabong.
  • 14:30 PM: Snorkeling at Manta Bay – Crystal Bay.
  • 16.00 PM: Back to Br Harbor. Nyuh Nusa Penida.
  • 16.30 PM: Fast Boat departs across the Badung Strait back to Sanur.
  • 17.00 PM: Arrive at Sanur Harbor

Price of Kelingking Beach Tour Package + Snorkeling

6 persons Rp. 550.000/ orang
5 persons Rp. 575.000/ orang
4 persons Rp. 600.000/ orang
3 persons Rp. 670.000/ orang
2 persons Rp. 700.000/ orang
1 person Rp. 1.100.000/ orang

Kelingking Beach Tour Packages, Including

  • Fast Boat Tickets to Sanur-Nusa Penida-Sanur (Semabu Fast Boat, or Angel Bolabong)
  • Comfortable car with AC + Gasoline + Driver in Nusa Penida
  • Shuttle From and To – Nusa Penida port
  • Lunch (halal food) at a local restaurant
  • Drinking water
  • Snorkeling Package (snorkeling equipment, boat rental and guide)
  • Driver Cum Indonesia or English guide at nusa penida
  • Entrance tickets to tourist attractions in destination

The above price does not include

Transportation to the port of Sanur return (additional/additional fee Rp. 60,000/Pax min. 4 pax).

Meeting Point (Meeting Place)

Because the price for the Klingking beach tour package above does not include hotel pick up and drop off, and according to our experience many customers come to our location by themselves. Therefore, please come and check in at our counter at SEMABU HILL, 15 minutes before the scheduled departure at 07.30 am.

If you bring your own vehicle, please enter via Jalan Matahari Terbit, because there is a large and safe parking lot available here.

If you don’t want to bother driving yourself to Sanur, we also provide private shuttle services to the Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu, Sanur, Denpasar areas. With an additional fee of around 65,000/person (minimum 4 people)

Tour Condition

  • Minimum booking for the above tour packages, 2 adults (Book min. 2 persons).
  • Prices above are per person.
  • Must Order one day before Advance
  • Free Reschedule – Please let us know for 1 day
  • Payment can be made via transfer or pay with the driver at the time of pick up
  • Order confirmation cannot be done without proof of written payment that has been validated sent to The Nusa Tour

How to Make Reservation for kelingking beach tour package + Snorkeling

  • Please send your require via whatsapp with format bellow
  • Name : ……….
  • Address : ……….
  • Activity : ……….
  • Total Peson : ………
  • Date of Activity : ………
  • Please book one day before.
  • Last minutes booking please drop off us message via Whatsapp +6281217205656
  • If booking throug email thenusatour@gmail.com will reply as soon as posible. work hour ( monday – saturday 8.00 am to 18.00 pm )
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