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Manta Bay Snorkeling Nusa Penida – Where and Price
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Jul 2021

Manta Bay Snorkeling Nusa Penida – Where and Price

Manta bay Snorkeling Nusa Penida is one of the most popular tourist activities in Bali. The unique and amazing experience of getting up close and personal with the beautiful sea animals and the huge creature Manta is a delight.

Well, if you are interested in this experience, now I will share all the information you need to know. About this friendly giant creature. And where you can play and swim with them while on vacation in Nusa Penida.

Giant Manta Rays in Manta Bay Nusa Penida – Is it Dangerous?

We need to know that manta rays can grow up maximum of 7 meters or the equivalent of 23 feet. This creature can reach a weight about 3000 kg, big isn’t it? With the body size and weight, of course we are afraid to approach it. Hmm, but don’t worry, even though the size is very large but this manta ray is not at all dangerous. A large creature that is very friendly with humans.

There are 2 types of Manta live in the world, namely Coral Manta and Oceanic. For the manta rays in Manta Bay Nusa Penida Bali, it is a type of Coral Manta (Manta alfredi). This type of manta is the second largest type of manta rays after the Oceanic Manta. Which has an average body size of 3 meters to 3.5 meters.

This beautiful creature is a filter feeder which means it eats plankton, crustaceans and smaller fish. The shape of the teeth is not sharp and small, they use it to chew their food.

Snorkeling Manta Bay Nusa Penida – Lokasi dan Harganya

source @snorkelaroundtheworld.com

Although it has a long tail, it is not poisonous, so swimming with manta rays is very safe. In addition to having a long tail, this manta ray has the largest brain when compared to other bony fish.

They are very happy to interact with humans, therefore Manta Bay Snorkeling Nusa Penida is the best choice for snorkelers and divers to capture the best experience with these Mantas.

Best time for Manta Bay Snorkeling Nusa Penida

If you are interested in snorkeling at manta bay Nusa Penida, you can do it anytime. Because there is no season for mantas to appear in the waters of Manta Bay Nusa Penida. Manta rays appear all year round. This is because the waters in Bali and Nusa Penida are very good with a large volume of water flowing from the Indonesian part of Timor to Bali.

The water currents in Nusa Penida Bali come from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. This is arguably the largest movement of water with nutrient-rich currents of all time.

With this reason why manta bay snorkeling nusa penida Bali has beautiful marine life with living marine nature. And also the reason for manta rays appearing all year round in Manta bay Nusa Penida.

But this is not a guarantee that you will see this giant creature while snorkeling or diving at Manta Bay Nusa Penida. Everyone knows and realizes that they are wild animals. Who always move freely wherever they like.

But Manta Bay Snorkeling Nusa Penida service providers always do their best to find it for you. According to snorkeling or diving guides, the recommended time to see manta rays is in the morning. Because the morning is the day for them to be more active. But sometimes in the afternoon they can also appear.

Where to see manta rays in Nusa Penida?

Many think and talk about Manta snorkeling in Nusa Lembongan, but that’s the wrong thing. Because snorkeling to see manta rays is at Manta Bay Nusa Penida. Although sometimes you can see manta rays on lembongan but very rarely.

The following are the best places to see manta rays in Nusa Penida including Manta Bay and Manta Point. Both of these places are very popular for snorkelers and diving with an early start through Crystal Bay beach.

1. Manta Bay

Usually Manta rays tend to swim to shallower areas to find food through sea currents which have lots of plankton carried by water currents. Manta Bay is the place where the snorkeling activity of Manta Bay Nusa Penida is a place that will brighten this experience.

This manta bay consists of several which makes it possible to find manta rays and swim with them. This location has a success rate of almost 90% according to the experience of snorkeling guides in Nusa Penida.

In general, the best time to snorkel at Manta Bay Nusa Penida is in the morning. This was also said by a local guide who worked as a guide. Although it is possible to do it in the afternoon but if you find it in a small amount. If you are lucky looo…..!

2. Manta Point

Snorkeling Manta Bay Nusa Penida – Lokasi dan Harganya

This place to see manta is the best diving spot in the south of the island of Nusa Penida. The location is surrounded by high cliffs with a water depth of approximately 15 meters from the water surface. This great location is Manta Point.

Here it is not suitable for swimming to relax because the water currents are swift and choppy with big waves. But it is a paradise for divers.

Many divers choose this place because it is the center of manta rays resting while eating the small fish that are around them. This area has a depth of 4 meters to 6 meters which is equivalent to 13-20 feet.

3. View Point Manta

If you don’t want to snorkel at Nusa Penida’s manta bay, View Point Manta is a great place to look down with a panoramic view of the sea with free-swimming Manta rays.

To reach this Manta View point, you have to climb until you find a vantage point that can see mantas appear in the sea!

Manta Viewpoint is located on the left of the tourist spot Broken Beach which is better known for its cliffs above Manta Bay. Generally, this view point is on the southern coastline.

Manta Bay Snorkeling Nusa Penida Price

If you are interested in snorkeling in Manta bay you will pay bit expensive than manta point. Because location is defferent. If you want see and swim with manta have to take Manta Bay. And if you going to manta pont just lucky and unlucky ( not sure you will see the manta in this area. This includes all snorkelling equipment, a snorkel guide and the cost of renting a traditional boat.

Total Persons Price
6 persons 295.000/person
5 persons 345.000/person
4 persons 395.000/person
3 persons 520.000/persons
2 persons 750.000/person

Notes :

  • We need a traditional boat to reach this best dive point. Departure from crystal bay beach in West Nusa Penida.
  • Above price not include hotel pick-up and drop off in Nusa Penida to Meeting Point.
  • Meeting point in Nusa Penida Harbor ( Banjar Nyuh Harbor )

How to reach the manta bay snorkeling Nusa Penida

Manta Bay Beach is located near Crystal Bay beach which is west of Nusa Penida. If you start from Bali, you have to use sea transportation. By choosing to use a fast boat from Sanur to Nusa Penida. Or using fast from Kumbaba to Nusa Penida, it depends on which port is closer to where you live.

Paket Wisata Kelingking Beach; Broken Beach, Angel Bilabong Snorkeling

The crossing takes 30 minutes from Sanur and 25 minutes from Kumbaba. Travel using a fast boat will be charged Rp. 150,000 one way per person.

After you arrive at the port of Nusa Penida, you will go to Crystal Bay by renting a car or motorbike from the pier. Rent a car with a driver in Nusa Penida usually costs around IDR 600,000 (max. six people).

But if you order at The Nusa Tour you will get a price of 450 – 500 thousand / car max 6 passengers. If you want to try exploring Nusa Penida and Visit Crystal Bay by motorbike. The price is 75,000 cheaper/motorbike max for two people.

Follow the road towards Toya Pakeh and you will arrive at Crystal Bay Beach after a 40 minute journey. Entrance to Crystal Bay Beach is free, but you have to pay a parking fee of IDR 5,000 per car or IDR 2,000 per motorbike.

Or, if you want to do a stress-free Mantai Bay Nusa Penida Snorkeling, you can always use the best vacation services from thenusatour.com or chat us via Whatsapp +6282339247029

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