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Recommended Places Of interest in Nusa Penida
Mar 2023

Recommended Places Of interest in Nusa Penida

Recommended Places of interest in Nusa Penida Destinations. Taking a vacation is indeed one of the needs that must be met when you are feeling tired and tired of working for a long time. Vacationing in various regions is fun to do, one of the best tourist attractions to visit in Indonesia is the Nusa Penida destination, which is currently very popular with many people.

Nusa Penida, as a tourist spot is very cool, has lots of beach attractions that are very cool, and is recommended to be visited with a family or your partner. especially after covid is over now there are lots of beautiful housing in Nusa Penida which makes it even cooler to visit.

So far, surely you still don’t know where Nusa Penida is? Before discussing further Nusa Penida, you must know where Nusa Penida is located in the southeast of the island of Bali, what separates Nusa Penida from Bali is the Badung Strait where many other small islands are no less beautiful and still recommended for you to visit.

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So when you are bored to visit Bali then you can visit Nusa Penida with many Nusa Penida destinations that are worth your visit on this super cool island. But before you decide to take a vacation, you can make a list of tourist attractions in advance so you can decide where to go while on vacation in Nusa Penida or in other areas.

To help you find out which cool tourist attractions you can visit in Nusa Penida, the following is information about recommendations for cool tourist attractions in Nusa Penida that are worth visiting with your friends, family or partner.

Recommended Place Of Interest in Nusa Penida

Check out the following information recommended Place of interest in nusa Penida that are worth your visit during the long holidays in 2022 and the New Year holidays which will come in a few months.

Kelingking Beach

Recommended Places Of interest in Nusa Penida

The first tourist attraction that you should visit together is Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida, a natural tourist attraction that is so cool and fun to enjoy especially with your beloved family or friends. This tourist spot is the most famous place on the island of Nusa Penida.

The beauty of the spectacular arrangement of rocks facing the sea looks so perfect it looks like the backbone of a dinosaur drinking straight into the sea, so it’s no wonder this tourist attraction is known as T-ray Bay on Google maps.

If you want to go down to the beach, you have to take quite a long time to pass through steep cliffs. But this long time will pay off with the soft white sand of the beach which is very clean and soft. Because of the beauty of the Nusa Penida destination, one of the travel agents made the picture of Nusa Penida Kelingking Beach a photo that depicts Bali.

Broken Beach

Recommended Places Of interest in Nusa Penida

Recommended Places Of interest in Nusa Penida

The next tourist object that you can choose as your vacation object is Broken Beach, where the cliffs that have collapsed form a circle where the waves crashing into a circle so that the sea looks like a circular bay that juts into the sea. .

The clear green sea water does look very beautiful so you can see the coral reefs on the seabed, in this tourist spot you can swim and also take pictures because it is so beautiful and of course cool so you can calm your mind when visiting this place.

Angel Billabong

Recommended Places Of interest in Nusa Penida

Recommended Places Of interest in Nusa Penida

The next Nusa Penida destination that you can visit is Angel Billabong, where this tourist attraction is a natural pool embedded between cliffs filled with water that is very clear and not that deep. A uniqueness of this natural pool itself is that the pool only appears to be full when the water is receding, so you can still swim even when the water is receding.

When you swim in this place, you have to be careful not to be in the middle of the pool because the water might suddenly rise so that it can drag you deep into the sea due to the strong currents.

Crystal Bay

If you like playing in the sand on the beach, then you are very suitable for a vacation at this one Nusa Penida destination, namely Crystal Bay, which is one of the best objects in Nusa Penida. This beach looks very beautiful especially when the sun sets, you can immediately see the sun disappear into the sea water so beautifully.

Apart from that, the currents are very calm and can make you feel a pleasant swimming sensation. Meanwhile, just taking pictures or taking cinematic videos is very suitable to do in this place. Swimming while playing and capturing moments is the right object to visit.

Atuh Beach

The next tourist object that you can also visit is Atuh Beach, where this beach is very beautiful and very easy to access. There is only about 1 hour of travel that you have to take from Toyapakeh port and you can immediately arrive at this tourist attraction.

The very clear white sand looks very beautiful with a combination of sea water that is so clear to enjoy the sensation of a vacation, moreover there are already many small shops that will support the convenience of your vacation at this Nusa Penida destination.

Adiwana Warnakali Dive Resort

Enjoying a honeymoon at this tourist attraction is very fun to do, relaxing while enjoying the sunset by the pool which looks to merge with the sea is indeed a very beautiful view to do.

You don’t need to worry about enjoying the beauty of this place until the evening because Adiwana Resort is a very pleasant accommodation and there are many facilities that you can enjoy including spas, restaurants, and hotels.

Amok Sunset

For those of you who are fans of sunsets, then you are perfect for enjoying the Nusa Penida Amok sunset destination where you will enjoy an open bar, a restaurant which is built with bamboo beside the swimming pool that can serve a romantic dinner, especially while enjoying the sunset which is starting to sink into the sea.

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It is also in this place that you can spend time swimming while enjoying the extraordinary beauty of the sunset view which provides a very warm photo atmosphere to be enjoyed especially to be immortalized.

Transportation to reach the natural attractions of Nusa Penida Destinations

How to get to the natural tourist destination of Nusa Penida? There are two transportation options that you can use to cross to Nusa Penida.

First, by using a helicopter, you might want to enjoy a different impression. Using a helicopter you can see the island of Bali or the island of Nusa Penida from a height, of course, the price for using this transportation is expensive.

Both are by sea transportation, such as very boats, traditional boats, and Fast Boats. Unlike the Hellikoper, if you use sea transportation, the ticket price for the ferryman is quite affordable.

Ticket prices usually vary, depending on the services of each boat vendor. But for the public price, I’m sure you only spend 100 to 120 thousand per person for one crossing.

Apart from that, now you have made it easier with a car rental service with a driver in Nusa Penida. So you don’t need to be confused to find transportation.

Thus the information about tourist objects that you can visit as a Nusa Penida destination can rival the beauty of Kuta beach in Bali.

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