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Tips for cheap Holidays to Nusa Penida
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Apr 2023

Tips for cheap Holidays to Nusa Penida

Wanna know Tips for cheap Holidays to Nusa Penida ??? Upset with the budget and the many questions that come to mind, especially if this is the first time a traveler will visit Nusa Penida Island.

Maybe some travelers have friends, family and closest people who have traveled and frequently traveled to Nusa Penida. So it will be easier for travelers to get information on tips for budget-friendly holidays to Nusa Penida Island and an overview of the situation on Nusa Penida Island.

So what if it was turns out there’s no one to ask and give information though we have browsed everywhere and still confused and have lots of questions. Don’t worry, the Nusa Tour Team is ready to share information and answer traveler questions about Cheap Vacation Tips to Nusa Penida.

Tips for cheap Holidays to Nusa Penida

The following are frugal vacation tips for Nusa Penida that The Nusa Tour Team can provide for new travelers.

1. Find out about Nusa Penida Island.

Tips Liburan Hemat ke Nusa Penida

Tips Liburan Hemat ke Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Island’s location is in the southeast of Bali Island. And it was a sub-district of Klungkung Regency. Klungkung Regency is one of 8 regencies in Bali’s Regency. Between Nusa Penida island with Bali island is separated by the Badung Strait. To reach Nusa Penida Island, you can take it by sea.

Topographically, Nusa Penida Island has a sloping land structure to hills and consists of rocks. The Nusa Penida has a long expanse of the sea directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean to the south of the island, to the west directly adjacent to Nusa Ceningan Island, and to the north by the Badung Straits.

The beaches on Nusa Penida Island are dominated by cliffs. It was lengthways from the east to the west of the Nusa Penida s beaches. So the rest are sloping beaches with white sand in the north of the Nusa Penida and strengthened by an edge.

Generally, the people of Nusa Penida are a friendly and modern society. And do farming and fishing for livelihoods. The community is quite open to travelers. They like to help in providing information for those who need it. The majority of the people of Nusa Penida are Hindus. However, asking for tolerance from adherents of other religions is highly valued on the island of Nusa Penida.

It is necessary to know about Nusa Penida Island so that we have an overview of Nusa Penida Island and the tours offered from Nusa Penida Island. and the general description above, will be the illustration that tours to Nusa Penida Island will be more unique and memorable Nature and Marine Tourism.

Even though it is famous for its Marine Nature Tourism, Nusa Penida Island also has other uniqueness and beauty in cultural attractions due to the various cultural diversity that has been passed down from generation to generation, so there is no need to worry for travelers who love and admire cultural tourism, you can still enjoy the beauty of cultural tourism in Nusa Penida.

2 .List of Planned Tourist Destinations on Nusa Penida Island

As for Nature Tourism and Marine Tourism, Nusa Penida Island is divided into three descriptions of the most favorite tourist attractions;

  1. The southern part of Nusa Penida Island has Banah Cliff, Tembeling Beach, Tropical Forest, Segening Waterfall, Peguyangan Springs
  2. The western part of Nusa Penida Island has Kelingking Beach, Broken or Pasih Uug Beach, Angel Billabong, Tree of Love, Paluang Cliff, Kelingking Beach, Palungan Cliff, and Crystal Bay Beach.
  3. The eastern part of Nusa Penida Island has Atuh Beach, Diamond Beach, Seribu / Raja Lima Island, Molenteng Tree House, Suwehan Beach, Teletubbies Hill, Nusa Penida, Goa Giri Putri, and Dewi Kwan Im Temple.

Meanwhile, cultural tourism is ongoing art in Nusa Penida in the moment is the art of Rejeng Renteng Dance, Rangrang Weaving, and Cepuk Weaving. Besides that, a village on the island of Nusa Penida called Semaya village has a unique tradition called the Nimpug Tradition.

So after looking at all the descriptions of tourist destinations and attractions on Nusa Penida Island. Do you get an overview of Nusa Penida and what travelers want to do and see on Nusa Penida Island?

So that when they arrive at Nusa Penida Island, Travelers are not confused about the direction of the holiday. Because everything is already on the traveler’s travel list about what things a traveler wants to do while on Nusa Penida Island.

3.Find Information about Travel Destinations

After compiling the tourist destinations you want to go to along with the things travelers want to do on Nusa Penida Island, travelers must find various information about tourist destinations on the traveler’s list.

Such as the geography, the weather, the best time for traveling, rules and customs that apply in, and condition of the population, and what tourist attractions are offering.

In addition, travelers must know emergency numbers such as hospitals and police stations at tourist destinations. The information will help travelers in their tourism activities and make travelers feel safer and more comfortable.

4. Prepare clothes and items that will be needed during the holidays to taste.

Prepare comfortable and fashionable clothes because there are many photo spots that travelers will encounter during their trip. And don’t forget to bring the equipment or items needed while on vacation. Bring enough clothes and goods according to the length of the day in the tour activities.

5. Always carry a petty cash with you when traveling

Even though today’s era is modern and the use of cash has begun to decrease due to the many payment applications
but it is also important that we keep a small amount of cash handy for unforeseen situations.

6. Book Tickets and Accommodations that support Holidays

Travelers have booked tickets and tourist-supporting accommodations, such as hotels and vehicles used for traveling while on Nusa Penida Island in advance.

This avoids the full bookings that usually occur in the tourist area of ​​Nusa Penida Island. so it will be difficult to take a vacation and do activities because you don’t get tourist accommodation.

7. Avoid High Season on Vacation

The high season itself is not a worst time to travel. That is the holiday season for many people, so there are many tourists who come and go on vacation then we can see various kinds of local and foreign tourists.

It’s just that travelers who want to save a little on their travel budget can choose to travel during the low season, because during low season there will be many promos that will be offered to tourists.

Those are some frugal vacation tips to Nusa Penida from The Nusa Tour Team for novice travelers, I hope these frugal vacation tips to Nusa Penida can help travelers plan a trip to Nusa Penida Island. So that travelers’ holidays remain comfortable and enjoyable For complete information, visit the website at www.thenusatour.com

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