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Pandan Beach Nusa Penida
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Mei 2023

Pandan Beach Nusa Penida

When talking about Nusa Penida Beach, new hidden gems will always emerge. And one of them is Pandan Beach nusa penida.

Nusa Penida Island with its stunning beaches. Who doesn’t know the beauty of the famous beaches of Nusa Penida Beach?

When visiting Nusa Penida Island. The first thing that comes to mind. Is the natural beauty of the high cliff beaches and hills that surround the island.

The beaches of Nusa Penida Island are famous for their marine wildlife. And coastal scenery that you won’t find anywhere else.

Many beaches are famous and have become tourist destinations for foreign and domestic tourists.

So it is not surprising that many people make Nusa Penida Island a vacation destination. And even put it on their annual travel agenda.

As broken beach, Angel Billabong beach, Smokey beach, Crystal Bay beach, and many more that you may have already visit.

Talking about the beautiful and charming beaches in Nusa Penida is endless, there will always be new hidden gems appearing and adding to the list of beautiful beaches in Nusa Penida.

The beauty of the beaches of Nusa Penida Island always has surprises for us to admire.

The topography of Nusa Penida Island makes it full of natural wonders.

If you’re planning a visit to Crystal Bay, you should take the time to visit Pandan Beach and witnessing the beauty of the secret garden next to Crystal Bay.

The beach is called pandan beach. Pandan beach is like a secret beach between hills like cristal bay. To reach Pandan Beach you must pass through the access at Crystal Bay.

Just like Crystal Bay, the beauty of Pandan Beach is also very charming and enchanting.

Pandan Beach Nusa Penida

Given the name pandan beach because on the south side of this beach there are many pandan trees.

If Thailand has phi phi island, Nusa Penida Island has pandan beach. As beautiful as phi phi island is in Thailand, it also describes the beauty of pandan beach.

As you may already know, Pandan Beach is very close to Crystal Bay. Besides being in the same awesome as phi phi island, the beauty of crystal bay also reflects the beauty of panda beach.

You can imagine how beautiful pandan beach is if you have traveled to phi phi island and crystal bay.

Has an expanse of white sandy with the soft texture. And has a wide coastline about 100 meters and crystal clear blue sea water, making the charm of Pandan Beach so amazing.

Visiting and traveling to this beach, as if we were having a private beach. Because not many people know about Pandan Beach, so there are still very few visitors to this beach.

So this beach is quiet and beautiful and hasn’t experienced much change.

For those of you who like challenges and trekking, it will be fun if we explore the hills which is named crocodile hill  and then find this beautiful beach.

On the right and the left side of pandan beach there are high cliffs and from the front  you will be able to see Ceningan Island from this pandan beach.

Because it is in a bay then this beach has waves that are not too big and the sea water is calm, so it is safe to play and swim on this beach.

In general, this beach has a calm, quiet, peaceful, beautiful and so cool atmosphere, very suitable for those of us who want to get away from fatigue and crowds.

Location of Pandan Beach

Pandan Beach is located on the western part of the island of Nusa Penida. As already explained that the location of this pandan beach tourist attraction has the same location as Crystal Bay.

To reach Pandan Beach you have to pass through Crystal Beach and use the stairs on the hill to the left.

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This beach is about 20 -30 minutes walk by following and going down the stone steps on the hill to the left of the Crystal Bay tourist attraction.

Walk to the south or you just follow the direction of the stone path that has been arranged neatly to Pandan Beach.

Pandan beach location as same as Crystal Bay is in Sakti Village, Nusa Penida District.

Activities at the Pandan Beach.

Many activities that you can do on this beautiful hidden beach. Your tiredness to find this lovely beach will be paid for by the beauty and activities that you can do on Pandan Beach.

1. The view from the top of the crocodile hill

When you climb the hill and follow the steps to reach Pandan Beach. Then when you are on the hill you will see views of Crystal Beach from a height and see boats leaning on Crystal Beach.

2. Down to the beach

Having a stretch of beach with soft white sand. Of course, it is enjoyable to walk barefoot and feel the softness of the beach sand directly.

Besides that, you can cycle around this Pandan beach and witness the beauty of the beach.

Enjoy the view of the beach and see Ceningan Island from the coast of Pandan Beach

3. Swiming

Going to the beach will be very lacking if you don’t swim in the beach water. With calm sea water and waves that are not too big.

Making Pandan Beach a safe place to swim and play water. But you have to be aware that the waves can rise in certain months.

4. Snorkling

Who can doubt the beauty of marine wildlife from Crystal Beach, a beach which is known as the best dive spot?

Likewise Pandan Beach, a close neighbor of Kristal Beach makes Pandan Beach have marine wildlife similar to Crystal Beach,

And you can enjoy the beauty of the seabed from sea level while swimming freely by snorkeling.

5. Fishing

For those of you who have a passion for fishing, this place is perfect for those of you who want to channel your hobby and enjoy fresh food from the sea.

With the wealth of the sea and crystal-clear water. It will not be difficult to find fish among the corals for fishing and become healthy and fresh food from the sea.

6. Camping

If you like camping activities, of course camping in nature such as mountains and other open places, of course you have done it.

What if you are camping on the beach, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of a quiet beach at night.

And only hearing the roar of the waves chasing each other and seeing the stars twinkling in the darkness of the night.

Tips for traveling to Pandan Beach

There are no special tips for visiting this pandan beach. To reach this beach, because you have to trekking and along the hills for about 20 minutes before finally arriving at your destination.

We recommend that you bring enough drinks and hire a tour guide to guide your way to Pandan Beach.

Bring enough equipment if you want to be active and stay at this pandan beach.

If you want good and safe transportation to get to Crystal Beach and Pandan Beach. You can rent a car as well as a driver who will take you to your destination safely.

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