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Puyung Beach Nusa Penida
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Mei 2023

Puyung Beach Nusa Penida

If you have a penchant for exploring the hills and finding a hidden gem. Try to find Puyung Beach Nusa Penida. The beach that you can find after passing Crystal Beach and Pandan Beach. And over some hills.

Have you ever wondered while traveling to crystal bay. What things you can find behind the hill on the left side of crystal bay. You should know when you visit the enchanting crystal bay.

Behind the left hill, if you want to explore a little. You can find a two beautiful beaches hidden behind the left cliff of the crystal bay.

Namely Pandan Beach and Puyung Beach. Both beaches have the same charm as the crystal bay only. They are not as crowded and famous as the crystal bay.

These two beaches are hidden gems that few people know about, so these beaches are still empty of visitors. These two beaches feel as if they are private beaches because many tourists do not know about these two beaches.

To visit these two beaches, you must explore the crocodile hill (the name of the left hill in Crystal bay). Climb the stone stairs and follow the track. And the path will lead you to Pandan beach and Puyung beach.

You can play and enjoy this beach for yourself. Feeling the silence of the beach with the sound of the waves. Even if you have to walk down the hillside to get to these beautiful beaches, then make you feel tired.

We discuss pandan beach in the last article. Now it’s time for us to discuss everything about Puyung Beach. It will be exciting and interesting when we plan to visit only Crystal Bay. But we get two additional beautiful beaches that are no less charming.

Puyung Beach Nusa Penida

Puyung Beach has a similar shape and beauty to Pandan Beach. The difference is the access to get to Puyung Beach and the size of Puyung Beach.

Puyung Beach location is in Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida Sub-District, while Pandan Beach location is in Sakti Village.

This beach has an area of about 50 meters, half the size of Pandan Beach. This beach has a natural beauty that is so natural. White sand has a soft texture.

And on the right and left side. There is a high hill that grows many trees and bushes. Similar to the front view of pandan beach, from this beach you will be able to see Nusa Ceningan.

And the look from the height or using a drone, this beach like a small bay. Just like crystal bay and pandan beach.

Visiting Puyung Beach you can feel the vibe of the beach. You will feel the atmosphere of clean, peaceful, quiet, beautiful and far from the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

With the charm of white sand and clear turkish sea water. Will hypnotize you to feel at home on this beach.

On the edge of Puyung beach there are also small coral rocks. How would you like to visit this puyung beach.

And enjoy this beach alone, as if this is your own beach.

On this beach you can do exciting and interesting activities, of course no one will disturb. Even so you have to keep the environment of puyung beach clean, beautiful, peaceful and quiet.

Here are the interesting and exciting things you can do at Puyung Beach.

1. Swimming & Snorkling

for  you who really like to swim and play with the waves that come to the seashore.
swimming at this beach is very exciting, enjoying the clear blue water and feeling the freshness of the puyung beach water.

There are benefits of swimming at the beach, that you will get such as increasing endurance, strengthening the heart, training core muscle strength, relieving muscle pain, and good for the skin.

You can swim while snorkeling to see the underwater life on this beach. This beach has beautiful marine wildlife with many corals and coral reefs that grow well.

2. Sunbathing

Choosing the time for sunbathing is necessary. A right time for sunbathing is 9 am to before 12 noon. Then in the afternoon you can sunbathe from 4 pm until sunset. You can sunbathe for about 10 to 15 minutes. And it all depends on your condition.

Sunbathing on the beach is not for nothing my friend. You can sunbathe on the beach and get the benefits that are good for your body’s health.

The combination of beach sand, waves and sunlight will be able to make your body relax and get good benefits.

Vitamin D from sunlight to maintain healthy skin and sand that can help you to remove dead skin cells.

3. Surfing

For those of you who like surfing, you can try to skate on the waves of Puyung beach.

Although it has waves that are not too big.

For those of you who want to learn to surf it feels very suitable to visit this beach.

4. Camping or Picnic

For those of you who like to stay in the wild or enjoy the outdoors, you can camp or picnic at Puyung Beach Nusa Penida.

It will be fun if we can spend the whole night on the beach.

We can feel how different the atmosphere is in the morning, afternoon, evening and night at this puyung beach.

Light a bonfire at night and enjoy the sound of the waves. And breathe pollution-free air for 24 hours.

5. Looking at Sunrise and Sunset

It feels really incomplete if you go to the beach without watching the sunrise or sunset.

As with other beautiful beaches, Puyung Beach gives you the charm of beautiful sunrise and sunset that you can witness.

Added with the atmosphere of Puyung beach is quiet and peaceful away from the crowd.

Of course watching the sunrise or sunset will be an unforgettable thing.

6.Walking along the beach and playing with sand

Walking along the edge of Puyung beach and observing the situation and conditions around this beach is something you need to do. So you will know what things you can find in this white sand parlor.

Having a clean beach environment and soft sand, it feels good to walk along the beach barefoot and play with the sand.

7. Beach volleyball

For those of you who like to play beach volleyball, considering that Puyung Beach is a quiet beach, it feels like playing beach volleyball with your friends will be more exciting. At least you won’t be afraid that the volleyball you hit will hit other visitors.

8. Hunting photo

A place away from the crowds and a beautiful quiet atmosphere is the best place to take photos that might inspire many people.

You can take beautiful photos at Puyung Beach, with different themes.

Puyung Beach Nusa Penida Access

If you are at pandan beach. Then you can reach the location of puyung beach by trekking through the hill to the left of pandan beach.

You will walk along this hill for approximately 490 meters to the south with an estimated time of 25-40 minutes to get to Puyung beach.

If you go through the port in Banjar Nyuh. Then you turn right towards Bunga Mekar village approximately 16 km. Arriving at Bunga Mekar village there will be a T-junction where if you turn right, you will lead to Andu beach.

And before the smokey beach attraction, there is about approximately 900 meters, you will find a path that is on the right side of the road.

Then follow the path for approximately 400m. Then there will be stone steps that will take you to Puyung Beach.

Tips to visit puyung beach

Tips for visiting this puyung beach are as follows

1. Prepare your physical and mental health

remembering to reach the beach in need of fit and good condition. because to reach this beach, you have to climb cliffs and walk through the bushes on foot.
So prepare yourself mentally and physically.

2. Bring enough necessities.

The journey to the beach will drain time and energy, it is best to travel to this beach you bring the items you need for activities on this puyung beach.

3. Bring enough food and drinks

considering that this beach does not yet have tourist facilities such as restaurants or places to sell food and drinks.

So prepare enough food and drinks for your supplies traveling to Puyung Beach.

4. Use a Local Guide.

To avoid get lost in finding the location of this beach, you better use the help of Nusa Penida local tour guides who are certainly experienced in walking down the hills and finding a way to the location of Puyung beach.

So friends those are some of the things we can say about this Puyung beach. Hopefully, this article can help you to get to know puyung beach better, so you have guidelines on how to travel to puyung beach.

See you again in our next article which discusses various interesting tourist attractions located on Nusa Penida Island.

Don’t forget to prepare good accommodations for those of you who want to travel and visit the tourist attractions located on Nusa Penida Island.

You can contact us for information about accommodation and interesting places on Nusa Penida Island.

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Puyung Beach Nusa Penida

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